Inside The Test Kitchen: Fermenting Hot Sauce with R&D Chef Bert

The natural evolution of flavors and stability of the ingredients, coming up in the intense culinary side of things, the science wasn’t really explained too much or understood, and that bothered me. I’d go home and research the how and why, fermentation was a big part of that. Food fermentation is a beautiful example of transformation and it’s not only a food enhancement, it’s a timeless means of preservation and to me that is truly remarkable.  

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It’s Alive!!

In our WLP096 Franken Yeast Blend, we pitched all 96 strains in our Frankenstout recipe for an all-out brawl to see which yeast characteristics reign supreme in a one-of-a-kind unique beer.

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Quest For The Best Blonde Ale Yeast

Ever wonder which yeast would go well in a blonde ale recipe? In collaboration with Craft Beer Professionals, we went coast to coast from San Diego, CA to Norfolk, VA to see our brewery friends at Three Notch’d Brewing, Makers Craft Brewery, and Elation Brewing to give them the ultimate yeast challenge!

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It’s FESTival Time

Brewed with a festive tone, this style was more for harvest time than as an autumn beer which had more of a sunny warmth tone than crisp and chill.

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Beer Glassware

Choosing the Best Glass for your Beer

Each style of beer glass serves one purpose, to enhance your drinking experience. Some are designed to showcase the delicate effervescence of a pilsner while others are sized in larger volume to encourage a long “session” or lower ABV highly drinkable styles such as some English beer styles.

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