Tasting Beer like the Pros

Learn some quick tips on tasting beer like a pro and elevate your beer experience! From everything from appearance to flavor. Discover how enhancing your senses and vocabulary opens the doors to a whole new world!



From colors of light straw to mahogany, to how is the clarity of the beer and foam color. 80% of taste is first from sight alone!


There are different ways to smell a beer and get real acquainted with it! 

  1. Quick drive-by sniffs for your senses to adjust to the beer
  2. A few short quick sniffs
  3. A long covered sniff

Once you’re familiar with the beer, look for specific aromas you may spot.

  1. Hop-derived aromas – piney, citrus, herbal, etc.
  2. Malt-derived aromas – bready, chocolate, etc.
  3. Yeast-derived aromas – banana, apple, and even more aromas!


On top of aroma, best describe what flavors stand out to you!



  1. Hop-derived aromas – resinous, tropical, citrus, etc.
  2. Malt-derived aromas – cracker, toast, chocolate, etc.
  3. Yeast-derived aromas – apple, pear, banana, and even more aromas!


Finally, how is the mouthfeel is it crisp and effervescent or is the body of the beer thick and viscous.

These are some quick simple tips and tricks to taste beer and elevate your descriptions of what you like and don’t.


Happy Tastings!!!

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