Our brewery is used not only to make crowd favorite beers and styles, but for research and development to gain insight into new and innovative yeast strains along with industry classics. Our brewers ferment the same beers with different yeast strains to produce distinctly different beer profiles.
Since 2015:

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Different Yeast Strains
Different Styles

Currently Canned Beers

Brewers are microbiologists working with one of humanity’s favorite microorganism, yeast! To celebrate the scientific advancements that have bettered beer over the centuries we named beers in this series after our favorite “brewing” scientists!

Temperature is one of the most influential environmental conditions for fermenting yeast. Raising or lowering the fermentation temperature can yield drastically different beers, so in this series we spotlight the temperature these beers are fermented at!

Our beer style series spotlights beers that stand on their own. These true to style beers showcase how yeast impacts our favorite styles from around the globe.

Scope the science behind our beers

Having brewed over 40 different beer styles, White Labs Brewing Co. has gained great information on our beers. With beer geeks and brewers in mind, we have created a database of our past beers showcasing recipes and fermentation profiles to pairing suggestions.